Consumer Service Fee Schedule

Effective Date: 9/1/22


Credit Union Membership

Membership Share

$5 par value

Closing Account (within 90 days of account opening)


Personal Checking Account Fees


$19 per item

Insufficient Funds Charge

$19 per item

* This fee will appear on account statements as "Insufficient Funds Charge (Paid)."

The categories of transactions for which an Overdraft Fee/ISF Charge may be imposed are those by the following means: Share Draft, in-person withdrawal, ATM withdrawal, or other electronic withdrawals.

Check Stop Payment

$30 per request

Starter Checks

$1 per sheet

Check Copy

$5 per copy

ACH Stop Payment

$30 per occurrence

ACH Same Day Transfer

$20 per transfer

Check Printing

Call for pricing. Varies by style.

Deposited Returned Check



Other Service Fees (Applicable to All Accounts)

Notary Public

$5 for non Member. Member No charge.

My Credit Union or Medallion Signature Guarantee

Member Only, No Charge

Check Cashing Fee for Non-Members

$5 per check

Member Check Cashing Fee* (For members 21 & over, nonactive checking account, and if combined balance is less than $250.00.)

$5 per transaction


$.25 per page

Statement Copy

$5 per Statement

Current Transaction Printout

$1 per copy

IRA Account Service Fee* (If combined IRA balances are less than $100.00. Fee assest 12/15 of current year.)

$15 Annually

Account Reconciliation

$30 per hour

Account Research

$30 per hour

Deposited Return Item

$4 per item

Items Sent for Collection 

$15 per item

Legal Process 

(Levy, Garnishment, or Summons)

$100 per item

Line of Credit Advance Fee (If System advances fee) $2 per advance
Dormant Fee (Membership - non active account relationship 12 months or longer, over 21. Account balances +$250 no Dormant Fee.) $10 per month

IRA Transfer Fee (Only if closing and funds are going to another Financial Institution)

$25 per transfer

Copy of Lien Release 

$10 per request

Returned Mail

$10 per occurrence

VISA Gift Cards

VISA Gift Card - Purchased at the
teller counter
VISA Gift Card - Purchased online $5.95

Outgoing Wire Transfer Fees



$25 per transfer


$60 per transfer

Cashier's Checks & Foreign Processing


Cashier’s Check Fee

$5 per check*, member aggregate balances over $10k free

Canadian Item Processing

$20 per deposit

Foreign Country Item Processing  

Varies depending on country,
please inquire

Electronic Funds Transfer Fees

My Credit Union Debit & ATM  Fees


Monthly Fee


ATM Withdrawals at My Credit Union Owned Machines


*ATM Withdrawals at Non-My Credit Union
Owned Machines

$1 per transaction

ATM/Debit International Transactions

1% of transaction total

Debit Card Overdraft Fee

$25 per item

Debit Card Replacement Fee

$5 per card

Rushed Card Fee $30 per card

* There may be an additional surcharge on your transaction from the ATM owner.


Safe deposit box rentals available at the Inver Grove Heights, 77th Street & Lyndale Avenue branch offices.

Box Size

(All boxes are 21 ½” long)

3” x 5”  * $25
5” x 5” $40
3” x 10” $50
5” x 10” $80
6" x 10" * $90
10” x 10” $120
Late Payment Fee $5 per month
Loss of One Key $15
Loss of Both Keys/Drilling of Box At cost

Safe Deposit Box Hours

Monday - Friday: 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Saturday: 9:00 AM - 12:30 PM
* Listed box size not available at both locations, speak to an My Credit Union Member Service Representative for more details.


Fees and service charges are subject to change. The fees appearing on this Schedule are accurate and effective for deposit accounts as of the Effective Date indicated on this Fee Schedule. If you have questions, or require current rate or fee information on your accounts, please call the Credit Union at 612.798.7100 or 800.967.My Credit Union (7228).