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Our savings, checking and investing options are just the beginning of a lifetime of financial success. Make sure to make the most of your membership by taking advantage of every one of our great low-cost products and services that applies to your situation.

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MY Self - Spend

It is not always fun to spend money, but MY CREDIT UNION puts all the tools you need right at your fingertips to make that process as simple and easy as possible!

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MY Self - Save

The best way to save is to pay yourself first.  Set savings goals that allow you to afford bigger purchases without borrowing money.  Over time hopefully you will experience better cash flow overall and lower debt. MY CREDIT UNION offers a wide variety of savings products to fit your needs!

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MY Self - Borrow

If you do need to borrow money, MY CREDIT UNION is the place for you!  From lower interest auto loans, to lower fixed rate MY Rewards Visa credit cards, real estate loans and even a Share Secured loan can put money in your pocket at an affordable price.

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Loan Rates

Need to borrow some money?  Check MY CREDIT UNION loan rates not only to see what they might be today, but also to make sure you select the right loan that works best for you.

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MY Life Goals

Your life goals as an 18 year old most likely are quite a bit different from those of  a 38 year old or a 58 year old.  MY CREDIT UNION has tried to identify some of those key life moments you may want to consider and remember as you move through life - after all we are “MY CREDIT UNION For Life!”