Business Service Fees

Clear Insight into Business Costs

Stay informed with our detailed overview of fees associated with our business services, for effective financial management.

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Effective Date: September 1, 2022

Membership Share $5 par value
Closing Account  (within 90 days of account opening) $10
Checking Account Fees – All Accounts
Check Printing Prices vary by style
Check Copy $5 per copy
Overdraft* $19 per item
Insufficient Funds Charge $19 per item
Check Stop Payment $30 per request
ACH Stop Payment $30 per occurrence
ACH Same Day Transfer $25 per transfer

* This fee will appear on account statements as "Insufficient Funds Charge (Paid)."

Business Checking Account Fees 
(These DO NOT pertain to Organizational Checking Accounts)
Average Monthly Balance Fee Based on All Deposit Accounts
$2,500 and greater
$25,000 and greater
$0 and no deposit, item, or cleared check charge
# of Deposits per Month
$0.50 each deposit
51 and greater
$1.00 each deposit
# of Checks Deposited per Month
51 and greater
$0.03 each check
# of Checks Cleared per Month
51 and greater
$0.20 each check
Other Service Fees (Applicable to All Accounts)
Currency Purchase $0.20 per currency strap
Coin Purchase $.05 per roll
Notary Public Member Free. $5 Non Member
MY CREDIT UNION or Medallion Signature Guarantee
Member Only, No Charge
$.25 per page
Statement Copy
$5 per copy
Current Transaction Printout
$1 per copy
Account Reconciliation 
$30 per hour
Account Research
$30 per hour
Deposit Returned Item
$5 per item
Items Sent for Collection 
$15 per item
Legal Process
(Levy, Garnishment, or Summons)
$100 per item
Returned Mail
$10 per occurrence
Wire Out Transfer  
Domestic $25 per transfer
International  $60 per transfer
Lockable Deposit Bag At cost
MY CREDIT UNION Gift Cards $3 per card
Cashier’s Check $5 per check, members w/ aggregate balances + $10K free
Canadian Item Processing $20 per deposit
Foreign Item Processing Varies depending on country, please inquire
Copy of Lien Release $10 per item
Electronic Funds Transfer
Monthly Fee None
ATM Withdrawals at MY CREDIT UNION Owned Machines None
ATM Withdrawals at
Non-MY CREDIT UNION Owned Machines*
ATM/Debit International Transactions 1% of transaction total
ATM/Check Card Overdraft $19 per item
Debit Card Replacement or
ATM Card Replacement Fee
$5 per card
Rushed Card $30 per card
* There may be an additional surcharge on your transaction from the ATM owner.

Fees and service charges are subject to change. The fees appearing on this Schedule are accurate and effective for deposit accounts as of the Effective Date indicated on this Fee Schedule. If you have questions, or require current rate or fee information on your accounts, please call the Credit Union at 612.798.7100 or 800.967. MY CREDIT UNION (7228).