Summer Skip-A-Pay

Holiday Skip-a-PaySkip your August My Credit Union Loan Payment!

For $35 members can choose to push their August My Credit Union loan payment due date forward one month and not make their normal payment.*

Just complete, sign, and submit the form! Done! Completed form can be submitted electronically or via mail to the Lyndale Branch location.

If you need assistance please contact our Call Center at 612.798.7100.

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Skip-a-Pay Forms

>Electronic Form

>Printable form


  • Your application must be received at least 7 business days before your loan payment due date.
  • Loans are eligible to be skipped twice per year; once in the summer, once in the winter.
1. The $35 non-refundable fee per eligible loan must be paid before Payment Break is processed. 2. The completed form must be submitted before the actual loan payment due date. 3. The maturity date of the loan will be extended. GAP coverage may be affected. 4. Finance charges will continue to accrue on existing loan balances and the payment amount will remain the same. 5. The due date on eligible loans will be extended one month once the Payment Break is processed. 6. Loans are eligible twice per year (Once in Summer, Once in Winter), per loan type and not permitted during first 60 days of loan. 7. All My Credit Union accounts must be current and member must be in good standing. 8. All real estate, business, certificate-secured, workout, Visa and lines of credit are not eligible.. 9. All borrowers must sign the Skip-a-Pay form. 10. Program is discretionary, subject to change without notice. Offer and Form expire 8/31/20.