Business Services

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q:  Is my business qualified to join the credit union?

Any business located in the cities of Richfield, Bloomington, Edina, or at the Minneapolis/St. Paul International Airport is qualified for membership with My Credit Union (My Credit Union). Also, My Credit Union members that are principal owners of a U.S. business, regardless of the physical location of that business, are eligible to open an My Credit Union business account.

Q:   What types of business products does My Credit Union have?

My Credit Union offers checking and savings accounts, debit and credit cards, merchant processing services, and various types of loans and lines of credit to our business members, including SBA loans.

Q:   Can a non-profit association join My Credit Union?

Yes, My Credit Union is a non-profit organization and as such we welcome other like-minded non-profit organizations into our family of members.

Q:   If my business joins My Credit Union and I later relocate to another city such as Minneapolis or Eden Prairie, will I have to give up my membership?

No. Once a member, always a member, as long as the account(s) in question remain in good standing.

Q:   If I am a new or start-up business can I still get a loan from My Credit Union?

Your chances are good. At My Credit Union we welcome new businesses to our community and look at “the whole package” when evaluating loan applications.

For additional information, contact the My Credit Union Business Services Department through email, or call 612.798.7126 to discuss your business needs.