VISA Account Access

Access Your VISA Account Statement Online

MY CREDIT UNION's VISA account access enables you to view your account status, view recent transactions, and even pay your VISA bill online.

The first time you attempt to use the service, you will be required to enroll for access. This process will first verify that you have a proper VISA account, then it will allow you to select a User ID and password for you to use to access your account information. You can access your account immediately on properly completing the enrollment logo

View your account online.

features include:

  • Account Summary Information
  • Online Statement
  • Online Credit Card Payments
  • Transaction and Spending Reports
  • Email Notifications of conditions or events on your account

Sign Up

Enroll for access to your VISA account online. After enrolling, only your User ID and password are required to access your account information so be sure to keep these safe. 

This service is provided by Visa, and the only involvement of My Credit Union is to provide a link to the appropriate page.