Managing your finances is easy when you have the right tools. That's why My Credit Union gives you everything you need to manage your accounts, plan your finances, pay bills, save, borrow, and invest.

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Online Banking

Access and manage your accounts, any time, anywhere.

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Mobile Banking

Access and manage your accounts from your mobile device using WiFi or cellular networks.

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Mobile Wallet

Conveniently and securely use your phone or device to make purchases.

Download the app that is right for your phone and make payments at stores by holding your device to the payment terminal.

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VISA Account Accessvisa logo

Access your Visa statement online



Bill Payment

Set up individual and recurring bills with the dates and payments you want. Never pay for postage!



Save paper, help protect against identity theft, and view 18 months worth of past account statements online.


Check Ordering

Re-order checks online.



Surcharge-Free ATMs

In addition to the 24-hours a day, 7-days a week drive-up ATM at both the 77th Street (Richfield) and Lyndale Avenue (Bloomington) branches, you have access to dozens of no surcharge ATMs in the Minneapolis metro area and hundreds more nationwide. Check for locations online or ask a Member Service Representative to help you find a useful listing.

Automatic Transactions

(This is quite often Direct Deposit)

Choose to perform transactions electronically and automatically. Transfers between your accounts, recurring deposits into your account from an employer, social security, TRA, or PERA benefits – My Credit Union offers it all. In addition, automatic payments made from your accounts can be set up with our Bill Pay service free of charge. This is done through our free online account access. Ask a teller or member service representative for more information.


u.s. savings bonds

My Credit Union redeems U.S. Savings Bonds. However, since January 1, 2012, is the only place where U.S. Savings Bonds can be issued (purchased).

notary public services

Have your signature notarized on important documents free of charge by a Notary Public staff member.


Safe deposit boxes

Protect your valuables and vital documents from theft and mishap. Lock them safely away in a safe deposit box in either our 77th Street or Lyndale Avenue branch office vault. The available sizes range from 3"x5" to 10"x10". All boxes are 21-1/2" long. Prices vary by box size and can be found listed on our fee schedule. Safe Deposit boxes are leased for one-year periods and leases are automatically renewable. 

Size 3"x5" * 5"x5" * 3"x10" 5"x10" 6" x 10" * 10"x10"
Annual Price $25.00 $40.00 $50.00 $80.00 $90.00 $120.00

Listed box size is not available at both safe deposit box vault locations, speak to a Member Service Representative for more details.
Safe Deposit Box Hours
Monday – Friday 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
Saturday 9:00 am - 12:00 pm

night depository services

The secure deposit option for after office hours. Night depositories are located at all three branch locations. All accept bag and letter deposits 24-hours a day


Drive up Services

My Credit Union's drive-up tellers provide you with friendly and personal service at all three of our branch locations. Make deposits, withdrawals, cash checks, or make payments on a loan.


Deposit Insurance

The National Credit Union Administration (NCUA), an agency of the United States government, insures all credit union deposit accounts, up to $250,000 per member. Each member’s Individual Retirement Account (IRA) is additionally insured for up to $250,000.


reconciliation services

Having trouble getting your account to balance? We can help you reconcile your current month’s statement at no charge. There may be a fee for researching and/or reconciling a previous month’s checking statement, plus photocopy charges, if required.

Download a convenient printable copy of a checking account reconciliation form.

cashiers checks

Credit union cashier’s checks are available when official checks are needed for purchases and payments.


wire transfers

Money may be wired to or from your My Credit Union account to or from virtually any financial institution in the world. To wire funds, call us during regular business hours at 612.798.7100 or toll free 1.800.967.7228. You may be asked to provide the following information about the wire transfer destination: routing number, account number, account owner's name & address, and the financial institution's name & full address.

collection items

Members may request My Credit Union to assist in collecting special cash items such as Canadian or foreign checks and bond coupons.