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My Credit Union Offers VISA Gift Cards!

Need to buy a gift?

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Most people are familiar with traditional store-specific gift cards. But My Credit Union has something better: gift cards that can be used wherever Visa® debit cards are accepted!

In other words, instead of giving your daughter a gift card to a store that is trendy this week, you can give her a flexible option she can use at hundreds of other places—for clothes, events, entertainment, you name it. These cards can even be used online!

Gift Cards are a flexible gift option that’s sure to please both the buyer and the receiver.

And My Credit Union's gift card program makes it extra easy for you to purchase them in one of two ways:

1)   Go online and get your Visa gift card(s) now!

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2)   Or, order your gift cards in person.

Visit the nearest My Credit Union branch office. There are no lengthy processes or forms to fill out. Buy one or several cards—for virtually any amount you choose—in a matter of minutes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can my Gift Card be used?
It can be used to make purchases everywhere Visa® debit cards are accepted.

Should I select debit or credit at the point of sale?
Select credit.

Here are some tips for using the card at:

Restaurants, Beauty Salons, Hotels, Car Rental Agencies It is customary for service orientated or travel companies to require an available balance over the purchase amount (usually 25%) to ensure sufficient funds for tips or incidental expenses.

Gas Stations Paying at the pump using this card requires at least a minimum balance of $50.00. However, only the actual amount spent will be deducted from the card. If your Gift Card balance is less than $50.00, you can use the card inside the station as long as the purchase does not exceed the remaining balance.

On-line Merchants In order to use this card for merchants who use address verification to authenticate purchases, you must register your card on-line at Login as a Returning Cardholder and follow the instructions to register your card. Your card may not be used at age restricted on-line merchant sites.

How do I check the balance on my Gift Card?
Click here or call 1.866.244.5360.

What if my purchase is denied?
The card’s available balance is probably less than the purchase amount.
1.866.244.5360 for the remaining balance on the card and use another form of payment to pay the difference, subject to the policy of the merchant.

How are merchandise returns handled?
Each merchant location has its own return policies and will handle the returns in the same manner as any other Visa debit purchase.

Can I get cash back from a merchant?
No, cash back is not an option on your Gift Card.

Is my Gift Card a credit card?
No. It is a prepaid Visa card that carries a fixed cash amount determined by the Gift Card purchaser. Each time you use the card, the purchase amount is deducted from the available balance.

Can my Gift Card be reloaded?
No, the card cannot be reloaded.

Is there a fee to purchase a Gift Card?
Yes, there is a small fee for purchasing these convenient cards.
Please check the current My Credit Union fee schedule.

What happens if my Gift Card is lost or stolen?
You should immediately report any problems or a lost or stolen card by calling our 24-hour toll-free support line at 1.866.244.5360. A replacement card will be issued and any available balance will be transferred to the new card, less the $5.00 lost/stolen fee that will be deducted from your card’s available balance (a new card issuance fee may also apply). As long as the lost or stolen card is reported immediately, you are not responsible for any unauthorized merchant charges.

Does my Gift Card have an expiration date?
Yes. It expires when the remaining balance is $0 or on the expiration date shown on the front of the card. A monthly service fee of $2.50 is waived for the first six months. This fee will be deducted from your card balance the first of the month beginning in month seven until the balance is $0 or the card expires (except where prohibited by law).

What happens if there is a balance remaining after my Gift Card expires?
You may request that a new card be issued and the remaining balance transferred to the new card. A balance/transfer fee of $5.00 will be deducted from the balance and a new card issuance fee may also apply. Once the card expires a $10.00 monthly fee will be assessed until the balance is $0, or until you request a new card. You may terminate your card and receive the funds via a check. Within six to eight weeks of a written request a check will be sent less the $25.00 service fee.

Can my Gift Card have a negative balance?
Any authorization request that is greater than the card's available balance will be declined. However, there can be times when a Visa merchant puts an item through without prior authorization. If an overdraft occurs, you will be required to make a payment to Cardholder Services to cover the negative amount.

Payments should be sent to:
Cardholder Services
P.O. Box 550160 • Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33355-0160

How are disputes handled?
Simply call our toll-free customer service number, 1.866.244.5360, and they will walk you through the process.