MY Honeybee Kids Club

Do you feel the Buzz in the air?

MY CREDIT UNION is proud to announce its new “Honeybee Club” for our youngest credit union members 12 years of age or under! The Honeybee Club will feature a mix of basic financial education, environmental education, and fun activities throughout the year for club members.

Activities/Seminars Planned Include:
• Learn How to Live a Honeybee Friendly Lifestyle
• How is Honey Made Seminars
• How Honeybees Impact Minnesota Seminar
• Planting Pollinator Friendly Plants
• “The Buzz” Newsletter
• Getting a “Bee-day Card” during the month of their birthday
• And much more!

The 1st 50 kids at each branch location to open their credit union membership and join the Honeybee Club will receive a Honeybee Club “Swag Bag”. They will also receive an invitation to a very special “Launch Party” to be held next spring once it warms up enough for our Honeybee friends to emerge from their winter hibernation!

Why is MY CREDIT UNION starting a Honeybee Club?
The Minnesota economy is highly dependent on the survival of bees. From farms to gardens, forests and trees – they all depend on our friends the Honeybees.

Plus Honeybees demonstrate everyday the power of working hard and working together! What great role models they are!