Check Ordering

Online Check Ordering Through Liberty

With the My Credit Union checking account, you receive one box of My Credit Union logo style checks provided free of charge. Visit Liberty’s website and fill out the online “Reorder form” for personal checks. After submitting your order, Liberty will print the checks and deliver them to the My Credit Union office location most convenient for you.

If our logo style checks don’t match your sense of style, you are more than welcome to “express yourself with checks that reflect you” by ordering any of the dozens of available Liberty designs. However, please keep in mind that you will be fully charged for any check style you choose after your first free box of the My Credit Union logo style.

If you have any questions about this policy, or can’t find answers to your check ordering questions on Liberty’s website, please contact us.

Order Checks 
Liberty Checks logoVisit Liberty's website to place your order.     
order checks


  1. Visit the Liberty check ordering web site at Click Order Checks.
  2. Liberty lets you place your order using (1) information on your check or (2) by entering your unique Reorder ID. Select the method you prefer.
  3. Confirm your check information from the example provided. Liberty offers several check designs and other enhancements to choose from. Make your selections and complete the order process.

Note: For security purposes, you will need to contact My Credit Union to update any name or address information on your checks.


Design-a-Check takes check personalization to another level. Add up to three of your favorite images to your checks. For more information, visit the Liberty check ordering web site and select Design-a-Check under the Other Check Designs tab.