Sponsorship Requests

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MY CREDIT UNION provides sponsorship support for events that benefit our community. Apply now and see the difference we can make.

sponsorship requests application

How to Apply

Organizations seeking sponsorship support from MY CREDIT UNION should submit a request at least 60 days prior to the event to be considered.

Request Should Include:

  • Brief description of the event or activity including date, time and location
  • Who benefits from the event
  • Please include proof of 501(c)(3) status 
  • Sponsorship levels if any
  • Benefits to MY CREDIT UNION based on those levels
  • Other companies and organizations sponsoring the same event or activity
  • Indication as to whether the organization belongs to MY CREDIT UNION or not
  • Contact name, email and phone number
  • Deadline for consideration

Events and organizations operating outside of MY CREDIT UNION’s primary business area may not be considered.  As a not-for-profit financial institution MY CREDIT UNION is not in position to support every sponsorship request submitted. If another organization supported by MY CREDIT UNION is already sponsoring your event, or we already have another event that day, we may decline to participate.  Failure to provide all the items requested above may also remove your event or activity from sponsorship consideration.  Thank you for considering MY CREDIT UNION as a sponsor  of your event or activity.  

Requests can be submitted via email at marketing@mymncu.org or via mail to:

MY CREDIT UNION Sponsorship Requests
9550 Lyndale Avenue South
Bloomington, MN 55420